An electric pressure washer is one of the most affordable pressure washers. It is easy to operate and lighter compared to other models. The pressure washer deals with a lower pressure compared to the gas models. However, it is still an investment; therefore, you should always care for it. One of the ways to care for the pressure washing machine is through efficient storage practices. Here are some of the best practices.

1. Store the electric pressure washer away from harsh weather conditions

Some weather conditions, such as extreme sunlight, may damage the pressure washer. It can cause it to depreciate. Furthermore, the winter season is not suitable for the machine. It can cause water in the pump to freeze. Thus, damaging the machine. Therefore, always store the device in a garage or a place with shade after use.

2. Store it away from a humid environment

The perfect place to put your electric pressure washer is in a dry environment. You can consider putting it in your basement and garage.

3. Store the electric pressure washer in a clean environment

One of the best places to store your pressure washing device is in a clean environment. If you place it in a dirty environment, there is a chance that the dirt may get into the machine. The dirt may accumulate over time, reducing the machine’s efficiency levels.

4. Protect your engine

If you are not planning to use your machine in one month, ensure to protect the engine. If you do not, then the gasoline may go stale. Stale gasoline can contribute significantly to system failure. It can also cost you a lot in terms of maintenance costs.

Furthermore, some fuel types consist of ethanol. Ethanol may cause your fuel tank to corrode and rust. Therefore, make sure to add fuel treatment to clean the fuel. Then add the fuel to the fuel tank and run the machine for3 minutes.

Turning the machine on is to ensure that the fuel circulates in its system. Then, switch off the pressure washer. Protecting the engine will ensure that you can safely use it after one month is over.

5. Turn off the power source

Once you complete the cleaning duties, ensure to turn off the power source. If you do not turn off the power source, you may accidentally hurt yourself. Furthermore, the machine will cost you a higher electric bill than expected.

6. Store the electric pressure washer in a heated garage

It is best to store the pressure washer in a heated garage, especially in winter. The machine is an investment, and you should make sure it is always safe. If you have a commercial machine, you can also consider storing it in a garage.

Also, ensure that the machine is not near any heat source. Heat sources may cause the pump seals to dry out. It can also light up fuel vapors.

7. Cover the pressure washer

You can also consider covering the machine after use. Make sure that the type of cover you pick does not allow moisture.


An electric pressure washer is an incredible investment. But if you do not care for it well, it may cost you a lot of repair and maintenance costs. Therefore, always make sure to store it well after use.


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