Gold has always been considered one of the most valuable metals worldwide. Most wealthy people use this precious metal to symbolize and show a measure of their wealth. That’s why gold mining is still considered an essential profession in different parts of the world. One of the tools used for this process is the wholesale gold dry washer. It is a helpful tool in areas considered arid. If you are in the recovery and mining space around the desert, you will need a quality wholesale gold dry washer for your business or resale to make extra pennies. Whatever you want to achieve, Alibaba has affordable and quality dry washers to depend on.

Benefits of the wholesale gold dry washer

The wholesale gold dry washer has come a long way and has become much more efficient in gold recovery activities. With technological advancements in the tool, the dry washer can sieve out rubble and recover large quantities of gold. Here’s why the wholesale gold dry washer is a must-have for every mining startup.

Easy to maintain or repair

A significant advantage of the dry washer is that several modifications have been done to the tool with an emphasis on reliability. Since these washers will primarily be used in arid areas where repair shops might be scarce, they are made to operate as simply as possible while remaining practical. Their stainless steel structure ensures these tools remain reliable for a long time. If you want a reliable dry washer, read every description for assurance.

Affordable to acquire and maintain

Whenever you see a group of miners working, they always have sophisticated tools and machines that are very costly. Such devices might be way out of reach for a startup mining company. However, many wholesale gold dry washers are a fraction of other tools used in the trade, making them suitable for mining companies starting up. With a small budget, you can easily acquire and maintain the dry washers.

Easy setup process

Heavy and expensive machinery might take a while to transport to the site. Additionally, transporting such machines is also costly. Next, there’s a complex process of setting up, which is due to the complexity of the devices. With the dry washer, that’s not the case; they weigh between 7 to 30 kg making them easier to transport to an arid area. They are also easy to set up, making them perfect for new businesses.


Besides their low weight, the wholesale gold dry washer requires little attention during the gold recovery process. This feature makes the equipment a favorite choice in deserts or arid areas. Note that the washer achieves its objective by taking advantage of high wind currents and little water to recover a high level of gold.


You can now find a wholesale gold dry washer at Alibaba with specific features such as durable build, lightweight structure, and high gold recovery, making it an essential tool for startup miners. If you are a gold prospect with a site in the desert, rely on the wholesale gold dry washer as an efficient trade tool.


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